Lina Pallotta (b. 1955, San Salvatore Telesino, BN) is a photographer based in Rome. Throughout her photographic experience her gaze turns to marginal subjects, the ones irrelevant, and transparent to society and the media: her investigation focuses on trans experiences, working women, poets and underground artists – the exploited and marginalized.

“Photography seeks to highlight and to draw out that which we don’t always would like to see or accept. Facts, actions, perceptions, as well as fluid and fleeting moments, those that fade in and out of the everyday life. Those moments, and activities that become routine. Routines that obscure knowledge and stultify and engulf individuality. Lies as well as well as truths wear a mask of opinion and perception. They appear and disappear like mirages.

The dichotomy between truths and lies can not belong to the way we live and photograph. We should start from the acceptance of the profound nature of the image, which is ambiguous, subjective and manipulative.

Lies often accompany the desire to embellish or cover something that makes us feel guilty, or wrong: here too, perhaps, something about photography is hiding, isn’t it?”



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