I am I – Grenze Arsenal Fotografici

I am I is a journey into a world inhabited by complex subjects, friendly figures, often irrelevant and invisible to society and the media – marginalized. It is a comprehensive and long-standing exploration – woven from decades-long friendships and recent encounters – an underlying thread that intertwines with my own personal experiences and shapes my perception of the world.

The photographs feature two activists from the Italian trans movement: Valerie Taccarelli, whom I met in Naples during the movements of 1977, and has always been a steadfast and uncompromising trans activist, and Loredana Rossi, who is the founder and president of ATN (Associazione Transessuale Napoli).

These images aim at provoking a reflection on the role and complexities of media representation of marginalized situations. They are snapshots of moments, fragments that challenge the rational analysis of what they aim to document, without imposing a predetermined interpretation of reality. They represent an endeavor to construct a visual space that, without aggression, invites contemplation of the social dimension and our shared humanity.

I will develop a new chapter of I AM I during the residency at the Paul Thorel Foundation in September 2023. In this month, I will shadow Loredana Rossi in her private and public daily life.